Jillian is a licensed cosmetologist and has been working in the beauty industry since 2010. She has extensive training from professional beauty brand managers throughout the United States and was an Education Facilitator for TruBeauty Concepts before finding her love for brows.

Jillian has always had a passion for the arts. as she took honors studio art courses throughout school, she had her work showcased in art shows around the Pennsylvania.

from the very beginning, jillian knew that she wanted to combine both her love for beauty and art into a career that she would truly be passionate about. Jillian took an extensive training course through Boudoir Beauty Bar and now shares this amazing service to her clients.


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What is the process?

*client consultation and medical health form explains the procedure and asks about any pre-existing medical conditions, sensitivities, or allergies that may effect the microblading process

  1. Discuss the clients needs for their brows

  2. begin the brow mapping and creating the new shape using measuring tools and brow pencils

  3. match pigment to natural brow

  4. apply numbing cream (20min)

  5. begin procedure (about 2hrs)

  6. apply numbing gel as needed

  7. apply healing ointment

  8. discuss aftercare

What is Microblading?

mICROBLADING IS A FORM OF SEMI-PERMANENT MAKEUP USED TO CREATE NATURAL AND BEAUTIFUL BROWS. this is a non-invasive solution for over-plucked, thinning, or sparse eyebrows. it is perfect for people who want to define, darken, or reshape the brow area.

microblading requries little upkeep and gives you the flawless browS look you’ve been searching for but have never been able to obtain with your brow pencil. COME BEAUTIFY YOURSELF WITH US.

All brows require touch ups every 18-30 months.