Welcome to HairBaby,

Your not so average blog, by your not so average artist. Let me begin by introducing myself, my name is Alyssa. I am a dog mom, a salon manager, a friend, and I am a everything but a hairstylist…and some of you may think I have no reason to be writing about hair. Maybe you’re right, but here I am ready to leave my mark on the industry. When I was an infant my mom cut hair out of our basement, she then opened 5 successful salons (more on that another time). I worked in her salons throughout my entire life, and when I was not working in them I was hanging out in them. From a young age I knew that I was born to be in this industry, I just could never find my fit. I didn’t want to cut hair. I didn’t want to style hair. I wanted to manage, write, influence, and teach. That’s why I founded HairBaby on June 30th, 2019.

I first started working in the salon for actual money when I was ten or eleven years old sweeping hair in my mom’s salon for small change; so I could walk down to Burdick’s, a local cigar and candy shop in Hatboro, PA, with my neighborhood friends to grab milkshakes at the bar (weird, I know). I grew up basically sweeping hair and watching the interactions between stylists and clients as I helped roll towels at the pedicure stations. Most of the time I was there because it was a cheap childcare option for my mom, as well as cheap labor. I got fired for the first time when I was 14 because I half-ass dusted the product shelves in my booty shorts, my mom had enough of my emo-phase and sent me to find a job elsewhere. I then went from Panera Bread, to a family run frozen yogurt shop, where I worked my way up to manager at age 17. I decided to leave after a few years and become a receptionist at Salon on Main once again. It was great, I saw familiar faces, had great laughs, and enjoyed going to work every day. I did that for a couple more years before I decided to go to school for Business Management at Philadelphia University. 

After drinking an Olympic swimming pool amount of cheap light beer and living in a frat house, I found my dream job post-graduation; A Sales Administrator for a family owned trucking company. This might not have been everyone’s dream job, but it paid $35k a year (not a ton, but enough to pay my bills), I had health benefits, paid vacation, and they allowed me to take three weeks off to travel Europe (unpaid but I was still stoked about it), I even got a raise for creating a new system. I met one of my best friends, enjoyed the time I spent with my co-workers, and learned more than 4 years of school could ever teach me from my superiors. I was very happy working there, until I wasn’t. 

One day I woke up and just wasn’t as enthusiastic to go to work as I was when I started the job. I couldn’t put my finger on why. A few weeks later, my mom decided she was going to be upgrading current hair salon and changing location, and I decided I would find fulfillment joining the Salon on Main tribe once again. So I left my “dream job”and decided I was going to once again rock the hair industry and bring it some love. 

Let me repeat myself. 
I have never been to cosmetology school. 
I have never cut another person’s hair. 
I have colored my friend’s hair, and my own (not very well and sometimes it involved Kool-Aid mix). 

So… why listen to me? Because I keep it real. 
I am honest. And I am willing to share everything I know with all of you. 
I have been officially working in a salon for over 10 years.
I have seen walk-outs and how they affect the salon, the home, and the other stylists (Newsflash: It all SUCKS!)
I have seen clients scream, cry, demand their money back, and walk out. 
I have been the one who is being screamed at by a client. 
I have seen a bad review. Hell, I am the one who has to reply to them. 
But I have seen so much light come from this industry where cattiness and darkness seem to shine through, and that is why I am here. I am here to help stylists grow! 

I am here to help teach the knowledge that helped me put all the puzzle pieces together that I had to pay for in order to help them grow into the soulful artist they aspire to be. 

You can have all the skill, but lack the knowledge.

So here we are, here to help educate one another. I still have a lot to learn, so I am excited you are all on this journey to grow with me. Whoever you are, wherever you are. Thank you for being here. Stay tuned for more. 

I am closing out by giving you all a little bit of the yogi in me.
In my yoga classes I teach my students to always say three things they love about themselves. They can be internal or external.
Today here are mine.

1. I love that I helped build a successful team of stylists that teach me something every day. 
2. I love that I am always able to give everything and everyone my all.
3. I love that I am able to share this piece of myself with all of you.

With Love Always.
Talk Soon,